When I was a little younger, I couldn’t put it in perspective why I would day dream  more than the average person. I mean , day dreaming is ok right?  For how long? They say keep personal things to yourself , yes , but sometimes your thoughts are meant to be shared with the world.  I believe in spreading knowledge and if I am not knowledgeable of a certain topic , educate me . Well.. We’ll get to that later. Who am I? Hm. Can we really answer that question and hit it right on the nail?  Trust, when you continue with the site , you will discover exactly who I am.

Yes this is a blog, but a blog with a twist! This blog will be used to speak about various topics. Including  traveling, life’s hidden lessons,  The (“isms”), a pile of conscious and unconscious thoughts, religion,  health, fitness, business ventures, family values, relationship integrity, and much more. Each week I am blessed to encourage, inspire , and defend those who support this blog and appreciate Ivy’s Pen.  You will also enjoy news of the hottest businesses, charity’s , perks, and activities around the Michigan area.Ivy’s Pen is what I explain to be a reflection of my life… it has some positive and joyous moments, but also those bane moments that we  fear to express. I hope you overall enjoy my light of experience.

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