Facial cleanse

Happy Sunday everyone,

Here’s some magic  potion for ya 😉

Here is a glimpse of  what iv’e been experiencing with two facial cleanses while using my Vanity Planet scrub kit. Even though Cetaphil is what dermatologist ‘s suggest I think that if your skin is as dry as mine , you will benefit from CeraVe rather than Cetaphil. Cetaphil I only use every other day and that’s all you need followed by a fresh white facial cloth. CeraVe is awesome for my skin irritation, if you have struggled like I have with acne you will benefit from the CeraVe collection. I made this post because I found it ironic how the Cetaphil lotion worked well with the CeraVe SA cleanser . I purchased these items from Rite Aid for $13.99 , check it out and tell me what you think. Also, the Vanity Planet facial kit you can find at there website https://www.vanityplanet.com .Go on youtube and find a 50%-75% coupon for a great amount of savings . Popular youtubers who’ve done their reviews have access to that percentage off, just do your research 🙂 I’ll review my results soon as I continue to do my facial routine, so far so good 🙂





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