Moving on

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-Not feeding into the negativity anymore? Anyone trying to ruin your image because of their mistakes ? Don’t worry . (Ctrl. Alt. Delete).. I think as humans we have trouble with being distracted and letting others side tract us from what we want for ourselves. I hope a lot of my viewers get to a point to be selfish not with finding peace , because life is unpredictable right? Rather, I hope you find peace within your self to let go of bad habits and vibes that effect you in a way that you have loss your self entirely. We grow  and tumble everyday, but we don’t have to drag along those who want to stay stagnant  with us or have to try to “save them”. Sounds easy, but it is a process 🌱, don’t let that process defeat you.

Out with the old , In with the new..

I ‘ve been cleaning up! How about you?



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