Dallas Highlight

that balcony

This may just look like a good view to you, maybe it’s just a picture of the sky, it may not mean anything to you, but this picture puts me in such a emotional place. Before I say these couple sentences, disclaimer: I’m human of course I’ve had worries.. Although,  I’ve never been the girl to chase after guys, say that I’ll never have a family of my own, say that no one will ever accept me completely for myself, say I’ll never land this job, or say I’ll never get more money than only being left with $100 in my bank account. Maybe it’s because I’m the girl who worries but, runs with the flow, was raised to “claim it first”..  is this a good or bad thing? Well it’s just me (Ivyonna). I’m the girl who always wanted her own space anyway .. honestly not even caring if it’s just me and my dog in a high rise apartment by ourselves chasing my dreams and traveling till my last breath, if it’s meant that’s what’ll be. If I do cross a great guy and a family along the way I would love that too. Your probably wondering who doesn’t want the fairytale of that “American dream”? .. well, yes I have thought about it and yes, maybe it bothered me once or twice, but honestly I’ve never tried to predict what god has in store for me. I’ve stumbled and I’ve questioned why something has happened, but this is my path.  Here in this view is where I confirmed that me letting go and letting god is a continuation of what needs to happen. That pressure of being in your twenties and seeing all the people around you move in all type of directions , it can become stressful especially with all the things we are able to be exposed to. Why is this? Why do we pressure ourselves so young?  I had to remember that your path is your path, because God always places us in a space where we’re meant to be. However you believe, I personally believe we all are here for a reason. I met that person for a reason, I had learned a lesson for my reason, I fell for that lie for a reason, I went to this school then another for a REASON.

ok , let me not preach .. but this is real.. so let me share a little moment…

A couple months ago I visited my cousin and she had a friend she had visited , which she couldn’t get in touch with him in so long, but when I was there they caught up. There we were on the top floor of a sky riser (my dream) with a CEO of a company, his company. “His” referring to a Black Man, a Black strong man. Which I could say so much just by the way he talked about his struggles and also  his passion for where he is now and what he inspires to be. When I sat with this man, this was my confirmation,  and this was my inspiration. I remember telling my mom and thanking her for letting me hang out with her and my older cousin , I know she was probably like what the hell is wrong with her lol .. I was literally almost in tears. So, when I look at this picture, I think about the conversations that went on in this moment, my thoughts, my past , my prayers. You ever met someone who seems like they’ve it all ? Well , I could look at this guy and say ” wow look at what you have, it’s all I ever wanted”, been a typical hater and place a individual comment on myself , rather than celebrating his success.  He could’ve even flaunted , (which isn’t always bad), but this guy was humble. Just good vibes overall, you know the feeling of just meeting a genuine person? He had not even been satisfied with what he already had because the sky was the limit with this guy. That inspired me so much, and I knew we had the same thoughts when meeting each other after I shared my aspirations with me as he did with me and my family. That feeling of being happy for those who we don’t even have to know, and that’s not common especially in the black community. I had not been happy for this guy because of his amount of money or his sweet space, but how he took a risk and went for what HE wanted in life.. and he was just as excited to find out that I was in his place talking about my dreams.

Again, this picture may not mean much to you, but it is everything for me. Those who need a push to be inspired by my story with this guy and how others can influence you to stay on the right path, this is for you also. I think in a place where I was raised , there is a lot of bad energy, competition, and hate. So, when you go somewhere and meet individuals who have the same heart as you , you become thankful. It’s exciting when someone is happy for you , disregarding anything they are experiencing , they still want to see you win.

I will never forget that man.. it WOKE ME ALL THE WAY UP AND I LOVED THAT HE SPREAD THAT #magicpotion 😉




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  1. What god has for you is for you… he will take you places and put you in spaces to learn something that you will need in order to move in to your next life phase. Sometimes when we get comfortable he will make it uncomfortable because he wants us to move on. And when we move on sometimes a lot of people don’t go to the next phase of our lives with us. You’re moving and your growing and it can be tough and very uncomfortable! But that’s growth not punishment! Love u!


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