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Follower Question November 1, 2017

Q: How do you balance school and your social life/ relationships? I am a freshman in college and it seems that I am struggling .. tips?

A: I’m so glad you asked and thanks for being my first individual to respond to .. First of all in school we can all say that college is a tough road.. I’m a 3 schedule book type of chick so, I have to write all my priorities and goals down in a book, rather it is my school schedule, work, events, time to work on myself (health), dates,Netflix, reading, and ect. I will say that you need to ask yourself , what do I need to do to be focused , but also to enjoy life. Everyone has their own methods, I advise you to not procrastinate which brings stress, try to always be ahead and I promise the gap that you have will eventually fill in with some time for yourself. Work hard , but smart.. I also want to say when you become a college student you will branch off to other areas that some of your friends won’t be able to understand or agree with, but continue to work for your dreams. Go to a party every once in a while, but know when to say you can’t go to one because you rather study for your exam or whatever your trying to accomplish. It’s very hard to keep all your eggs in one basket.. As far as relationships with a partner, I would say that it shouldn’t be hard to maintain a relationship and going to school. That was one of my mistakes and learning lessons, never feel bad for going after your dreams in fear that you will lose a person because they probably wasn’t as happy for you as you thought. If your relationship is slacking because you are busy in school , I would re-evaluate the person your with and relationship that you are in. I think we get so caught up in others and trying to satisfy people that we forget about ourselves. So, good luck with that and hey , all relationships friends or more than friends have ups and downs. It is up to you rather you think relationships are #poison or #potion 🙂 If you need more tips on apps to use for school , organizing , study tips , email me . I’ll be more than happy to 🙂 I’m not a expert , but if i know about it I’m happy to share it!

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