Hey guys,  this section is just for contact info.  Here’s where you can reach and tell me all the tea ! Lets have fun! Rather it’s emailing  me for advice (poison or potion?) , thoughts to posts, prayers, ideas for this blog site, great information to inform the public (charity/events) , Business (coming soon), ect..


  1. If you comment a thought , I will not share it unless you feel like you want to and your name will remain anonymous in any case , rather if it stays in my inbox or if you choose to have it posted in the Poison or Potion section of my website 🙂
  2. We may discuss negativity in our lives on this blog.. but, it is not welcome on my website to hurt others and I will not share anything of that sort to ruin my image , supporters , or reply to any rude comments .

*Ps. If you just wanna be heard rather your 14 or 50 years old to say hey ! I’m here !

**** To subscribe click the side bar tab and enter your email.. make sure you confirm your subscription by following up with checking your email a few minutes after you have entered it in the side bar tab . Any questions just contact me :)*****



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