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Fashion Statements on a Budget

If your into fashion and think that a great outfit has to costs a fortune boy are you wrong.    It’s Fall/Winter and the color scheme this season is LIT! Let’s state facts here, if you think a $100 shirt is a fashion statement cut it out. Hey, I like nice things every here and there , but I’m a college student. Go to your nearest thrift, boutique , and make that statement on a budget . I won’t deny it , I slay it very well

Boutique : Shirt as a gown – $35

Shoes : Heels : Payless : $10

& throw out a belt or clutch to match if you want ..

BOOM! & killing it like I paid much .. now thats some tea for ya lmao .

Stay updated for more of my fashion teasers .. ya girl got all the ins and outs of this thing called shopping. I might splurge a little bit when I feel like I deserve it , what do I work for right? Although when you have a big event in a short amount of time .. here’s your options. #TreatYourselfSmart


So here’s my “turning 21 ” photos haha. This took a lot of courage lol SZA inspired .. if ya know what I mean.. Maybe you’re a girl and you had a bad relationship, where you  are happy that crap is over and now you always wanna turn up a little bit , hey,  I don’t blame you. Or maybe you just want to challenge your inner fierce 😉 I’m 21 now .. the glow is here babe !  Shine baby Shine. NOW THATS #POISONVSPOTION


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