sometimes you have to let go of distractions..


Hey guys ,

So I’ve been taking baby steps to cleansing my mind and soul by shortening social media or any distractions. I’ve been enjoying myself and doing more than work and school every day. If it’s just having a little cocktail with family and friends, reading a book,  spa dates, or working out to clear your mind. This Is important in life and with the stress of balancing so much and keeping your health in check physically and mentally , this has process has already started to benefit me in many ways.. I hope maybe you all can find a outlet as well. Life is hard , but we are so blessed to be here and you have to enjoy it the best way YOU know how 🙂


I was so close to 200 pounds , stressed, distracted , and lost . I had to ask myself if I want to be a health provider , a writer, a public figure, and not a hypocrite , when will I start worrying about myself rather than others. No, I don’t want to be “skinny” or “thick” with the image social media illustrates is the “perfect body”. What I do want to be is  a healthier Ivyonna and some may say I wish I had those thighs , hips, whatever. If your that girl struggling with your habits of lack of exercise and eating , my page will become your best friend and the potion for all of this tea . Rather you identify as male, female, trans etc. Stay tuned for recipes, workout plans, health news , and much more





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