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It’s been a while but I’m back 😉


Sew-In Oct.12.2017

Hey guys , a lot of people truly feel like they need to flat iron their hair everyday when getting a sew-in , but with one run through with the flatiron and grabbing some Flexi rods will be the end of the heat damage . Below are some pictures of my hair that only consisted some of my hair being left out and curled to blend with my extensions. So , here’s some facts first:

  1. After my rod set I started to wash and deep condition my hair with the Design Essentials( Almond & Avocado) Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoo + Conditioner. I love this brand from the shampoo, conditioner, and also the silk essentials serum. It made my hair feel so refreshed and clean. With winter approaching and this cold weather in Michigan , this brand matches perfect with my dry scalp and  seals moisture in my hair.
    1. With this brand I had barely any shedding or hair loss while detangling ! YES  .. thats what any natural wants to see happen.
  2. You only need to truly run through with your flat iron only a few times to have your sew in last if you have Body wave extensions, go right to your local beauty supply store and buy Flexi Rods so your hair will look bomb:)

Check out some of my pictures : Any questions or details just email me .


Protein Treatment after math.. Oct 12.2017

Hey guys, like I promised here’s a photo of what my hair ended up like after the protein treatment and curls falling for a whole week with the factors of rain and humidity . This was a good protective style for a good week.. I could’ve put on a headband,stretched my hair ,and wear a puff for a few more days , but I was over it. I now have a sew-in for a wedding . Give a rod set a try if you want something that manages and will last so you won’t put heat in your hair constantly.

Little Frizz, but this could be a easy fix to go out if you wanted to wear it maybe 2 days longer than a week

Protein Treatment – Oct 6.2017

Hey Guys , so as you all know I have been natural for a whole year and I haven’t used heat  fully in sooooo long. So, as I said before , if your natural using heat is something that I believe depends on your individual choice. I personally use as less heat as possible, but I’m totally not ruling it out as a option because we like to switch it up sometimes right ? 🙂

So in my last update I shared with you guys my lessons and my best secrets to growing out your hair rather it’s a 1/2 of an inch or 2 inches. My hair has gone through a lot from my mistakes and I’m finally at my point where  I have learned from my mistakes and  have a smooth routine. I remember when I was 6 months into being natural I was so in a rush to flat iron my hair and I actually heat damaged it completely lol . so , i ran to my hair stylist and she refreshed me completely with a cut which I was so upset because I knew I had caused my hair to go back to step one. Although, this was a point where I learned from my mistakes and I had been forced to learn how to truly care for my hair. My hair stylist (which you guys will get to know her also ) had moved away 😦 and I was forced to finally learn , you have to do it yourself.  So , I remember a lot of things she told me about my hair and to keep some of my same patterns , but to lay off the heat so much. After a couple of months my hairstylist came back to town and I was excited . I jumped in her chair with the biggest smile and got a good wash, protein treatment, deep condition, and roller set. I wanted to get a roller set because I don’t want to confuse my hair too much. I will get a flat iron eventually , but I’m loving my curly streak ! I do get anxious to see how long my hair is flat ironed , but when your used to curly hair and love the natural healthy state of your hair , you tend to not even care about that any more.. I know some of you can vouch with me 🙂

*Disclaimer: Always be you. love what you love and like what you like, iv’e had personal encounters with people who ask constantly , “why do you wear your hair like that? “, “It would look better straight!”, “That’s too much maintenance”, and ect. But as my super idol Sza says “It works for me, it works for me, no..
(Go Gina, go Gina) ” . If it works for you, you never have to worry about what someone thinks about the way you choose to rock your hair. Besides the people who have the most to say usually are the ones who want to learn , but just don’t reach out .  Rather you love your perm or the kinks in your hair embrace what YOU WANT AND HAVE.

Here’s my process and photos , I’m now going to be doing my own protein treatments every 6 weeks to refresh my curls and my state of hair.  I will be blogging about that soon with other content! These curls are popping but wait till they start to stretch and fall, I’m thinking SELFIE, I’ll show you guys it all soon .  This is a great hair style to keep up with until your next wash , just make sure you tie your hair well. I’m putting my hair in a pineapple every night and wrapping it well so it lasts , besides if you sleep as wild as me this is a MUST!

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 and stay tuned Garden Babes !

P.S . yes, I did get new glasses, I’m channeling my inner Penny . lol


1 Year Natural..

Keep updated with my natural hair process , we can learn together, and I can teach my most beneficial secrets . #lovevslength #magicpotion


September 2016                                                            September 2017

  • 1 year of growth and lessons
    • I could sit at my desk and give you the hair blues of what grew my hair , although I know I would lead you in the wrong direction. Your hair is YOUR hair and don’t listen to youtube videos, I have three issues with youtube:
      1.  Yes , I don’t use much heat in my hair , but putting heat in my hair will not give me entirely “heat damage”, if you want to blow dry your hair , do it ! if you want to flat iron it , do that also, just don’t run through it a million times all week or try using a heat protectant.
      2. Coconut oil; my hair doesn’t like coconut oil and this isn’t the secret to long healthy hair
      3. Being a Product junky can ruin you, you only need 1 routine , 1 line spaced out as much as possible.. too many products can break your hair off and cause all these textures . FIND WHAT YOU LIKE AND DO YOU!
    • Things that helped me getting to this next step (  Under Armpit length)
      • Being patient
      • Not cutting my hair every month
      • Weekly deep conditions
      • seeing a professional often
      • Cold Showers-I know , you should try it , we’ll talk about this later..
      • Being a healthier you & drinking more water; when you eat healthier, workout , I think your body works as a team, and shows you those exact results 🙂
      • Overall, do what works for you and find a routine , I’m sure you’ll see results. my results aren’t too much of a difference , but its a start for being a newbie ! I’m excited for my next flat iron , which I haven’t decided when exactly, maybe i’l get a roller set first…

Now thats some #magicpotionforya 😉

  • Let me know what worked for any naturals out there ? How is it treating you ? Any new products your dying to have or have tried? I’m thinking about trying The Mane Choice -Pink Lemonade Edition , I’ll keep you guys updated .

Where it all started ..

Flat iron – December 2016

The day I decided this would be my last flat iron for a while and to go cold turkey natural .. scroll up to see how iv’e been doing 🙂



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